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Proton Range

Benba Motors (Pty) Ltd has taken on the Proton franchise for the following reasons.

  • The brand has great potential.
  • Great design innovation.
  • Good support system in South Africa
  • Good reliable suppliers.
  • Good long term approach to the South African market.
  • The ability to build up a passionate customer base.

Proton vehicles are designed and look slightly different to the conventional car. A great amount of time has gone into the design and look of these vehicles. The Lotus involvements in the R&D is clearly evident.

PROTON GOODWOOD's strategy is to carefully build up the brand through a steady increase in sales. To do this we need to give superior sales service and ensure we maintain a top aftersales record through our workshop support. As a main Proton dealer it is also our goal to protect the brand and with this in mind we are eager to ensure that the resale value on Proton's maintain high.